Fitness Holidays

Ready to take the challenge and invest in the new you

Our all inclusive fitness holidays do what they say on the can and much more.  You’ll stay in a breathtaking setting in Southern Italy.  You’ll meet new people and enjoy tasty healthy balanced meals and a little of the local wine along the way.

Your all inclusive fitness holiday or fitness retreat is designed around you.  You’ll not only get fit and in shape but have the chance to relax and find the real you with a range of unique exercise sessions.  All this brings you a holiday that will get you in the best shape of your life.  Sessions include:

Ki-Boxing ®

These sessions are designed to teach you how to control the power of your breath under stress.  Sessions start slow, but get steadily harder into a blistering workout.  You’ll learn the skills needed to manage your stress levels back in the real world.  Sessions involve all the basics of professional boxing training, but without the sparring or full contact.  These sessions will improve core strength, co-ordination, speed, and balance, anaerobic and aerobic systems.  They also help develop a long lean looking frame and strip body fat.  This give you all the benefits of fight training without the bruises.

Core function circuit ®

These sessions are the ultimate mixture of core strengthening exercises, a cardiovascular workout and a range of unique exercises brought together to improve your all over body strength, muscular tone and your aerobic fitness.  It’s not just a circuit class, but much more.  These sessions are guaranteed to strip body fat and increase muscular definition.

Ultimate speed ®

These sessions are aimed at increasing your overall speed.  They are a mixture of exercises done at high intensity to offer a full on workout.  But remember the aim of this session isn’t about the calorie burn.  It improves your muscular tone, anaerobic fitness and of course speed (power endurance).  These sessions are guaranteed to make you faster.

Real endurance ®

These sessions are the ultimate mixture of muscular endurance and a total body cardiovascular workout.  A range of unique exercises brought together to improve your all over body strength, muscular endurance and your aerobic fitness.  These sessions are guaranteed to strip body fat and increase muscular definition.

Reaction ®

These sessions are a mixture of plyo-metric exercises and reaction exercises aimed at increasing your response times.  This session is a must for anyone interested in sprinting, boxing, mixed material arts or the keen amateur.  It improves your reactions, overall speed and reduces knee and joint injuries in people of all ages.

The green workout ®

The green workout takes the idea of green gyms to another level.  Sessions are outside come rain or shine.  They seem initially the easy option.  They’re not!  The sessions use a variety of muscles in ways that no ordinary gym based workout can.  Training outside has great benefits.  You increase levels of serotonin, vitamin D and of course your tan.  Each session lasts up to ninety minutes.  You’ll work your body in different ways.  The added bonus is because these sessions tend to work your heart rate at about 65% max, they are very, very effective at stripping body fat and maintaining muscle.

Running and interval load training®

Running in Italy is a fantastic experience.  Not only can you run on the rural roads, the mountains provide an excellent opportunity for hill running and stunning views.  Road running is just for pleasure, hill running on the other hand is pure pain.  However, if you want something even more challenging you can have it.  We combine running with interval load training.  This combines the joys of the farmer’s walk used in strong man’s competitions with sprint training in a unique way.  This works your anaerobic system, develops strong toned powerful legs and strengthens core and shoulder muscles.  You’ll also see improvements in your speed and power endurance.

Absolute skipping®

In these workout sessions you’ll combine the calorie burning benefits of skipping with a highly practical combination of calisthenics and suspension training. You’ll tone, strengthen and burn away excess fat in this super-charged class.

Skip and core stretch®

Skip and core stretch® is a less intense variation of Absolute skipping®In this workout you will combine skipping with a range of core exercises and dynamic stretches.  You’ll strengthen core muscles and burn away excess fat.

Moving meditation®

Although these sessions are run at a gentle pace, it’s a great workout in its own right.  Sessions involve a range of dynamic moving poses combined with power breathing exercises.  The poses combine the best of traditional yoga, tai-chi, qui-gong and movements that appear in everyday life.  These sessions tone, stretch and strengthen the whole body.  They teach you how to use the power of your breath to increase your exercise capacity.  You’ll learn how to control and manage stress in real time in the real world.  Finally after the class you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed.

Neo-yoga and seated meditation ®

Neo-yoga brings a modern twist to the classical yoga poses.  You’ll still see some of the classic yoga positions, but combined with a range of deep functional stretches to create a fusion of modern and old. Sessions start with seated breathing exercises designed to not only relax the mind, but also increase lung capacity, peak flow and athletic performance.  These breathing techniques are taken into the yoga session that follows.  Poses are held for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.  The class is concluded with a relaxation session.

Walking & Hiking

You’ll have the chance to enjoy a good workout and see some stunning views in the middle of rural Italy.  We use a variety of different walks and hikes as part of the recovery process.  They allow you to clear and refresh fatigued muscles and mind.  If you’re passionate about walking we also offer 7 day walking holidays.  See our walking holidays’ page for more information.

Total U ® one to one sessions

In addition to the above classes there is chance to receive one to one advice on a range of topics.  Total U sessions are included in the price of your holiday, but need to be booked in advance.  These will normally be attended by only one person at a time and one of our team.  Total U sessions are aim at your specific needs.  Anything discussed in these sessions is done so in complete confidence.

The Total U Beasting challenge®

These sessions are the ultimate.  That’s it. It a whole ninety minutes of pain.  You work the entire range muscular power zones one after the other.  You’ll get to use every muscle in your body and both your anaerobic and aerobic systems non-stop. Over a thousand have applied to take the challenge.  Only just over two hundred of Europe’s fittest were past as fit enough to be allowed.  Out of this elite group only 36 have made it to the end.   If you’re still standing at the end of The Total U Beasting challenge ® you’ll get the  prized “I took the challenge“ T-shirt and the inability to stand for two days!

Total U sports nutrition ®

The Total U sports nutrition® session is aimed at helping amateur and semi-professional athletes improve their performance through the use of correct nutrition.  Within the session the use and make up of everyday foods in improving muscle mass, performance, recovery and reducing fatigue and injury are explored.  After this session you’ll know what nutrients to take when.  You’ll know which cheap supplement can increase your performance by at least ten percent if included in your regular diet.  The secrets of nutritional athletic success will be yours.

Total U functional strength ®

The Total U functional strength® session is designed to meet the needs of avid amateur sports people who want to be something more; elite athletes.  In these sessions you’ll have the chance to develop a twelve month sports specific training workout and lifting schedule to take home.  These sessions are very popular with amateur athletes of all sports.  What you develop with our team instructors will improve your sports performance guaranteed.

Total U fight training ®

With Total U fight training ® you’ll have the chance to develop your fighting skills and develop a fighting conditioning programme.  With these sessions you’ll explore fighting tactics and skills.  You will also take part in semi contact sparring with instruction used to improve you as a fighter.

Total U maximal strength ®

The Total U maximal strength® session is designed for power athletes who want to increase raw strength.  In these sessions you’ll have the chance to develop a twelve month sports specific training workout and lifting schedule to take home.  These sessions are very popular with amateur power athletes of all sports.  What you develop with our team instructors will improve your sports performance guaranteed.

Total U performance psychology ®

In a Total U performance psychology ® session you’ll have the chance to learn what can make you a winner in life or sport.  You’ll explore the mental processes that separate winners from losers.  You receive details on additional support available on line.

Elite one to one sessions

The Elite one to one sessions are only available at an additional cost.

Elite hypnotic weight loss and detox®

The Elite hypnotic weight loss and detox® session is aimed at helping those battling long term weight and eating problems.  Within the sessions a hypnotic gastric band fitted and your enjoyment of exercise and general wellbeing is suggested.  A dietary supplement programme is prescribed and a practical activity plan developed on day one of your holiday. Your diet will differ only slightly from the others who aren’t on the detox programme staying at the same time.  This means you’ll still be able to enjoy your meals, with just a little consideration.  Remember most people after a holiday go home brown and overweight.  After your stay with us you’ll go home brown, toned and relaxed.

Additional Cost Please contact us.

We also offer the above package without the hypnotic elements.  The cost of this is £120.00.

Elite sports injury prevention and self management®

The Elite sports injury prevention and self management® session is designed for all those active people who experience a range of aches and pains, but don’t know what to do about them.  Within the session you’ll learn how to relieve these aches and pains instantly in 80% of cases.  Be given a range of simple tools to you help with this.  Receive instruction on how to use our programme manual to keep you injury free.

Additional cost £ 80.00

Elite treatments

If your muscles are sore and need some life pumped back into them.  Or you want to pamper yourself by having a manicure or pedicure then take advantage of our discounted treatments.  As a guest at our exclusive fitness retreat you can book treatments which suits you, when it suits you whilst relaxing in breathtaking surroundings.  These include:

Full body massage                     £45.00

Back massage                             £ 35.00

Shoulder and neck massage      £ 30.00

Pedicure                                       £25.00

Manicure                                      £25.00

A typical day

Please note that the class schedules do vary from day to day.


All your meals will be prepared by a renowned chef, known for their use of fresh produce picked daily, locally sourced meats and fantastic wine.  You’ll get all the nutrients you need daily to improve your performance.  It’s healthy and balanced.  But don’t worry there are still treats to spoil yourself if you want.

07:30 and 09:30

For breakfast you can enjoy porridge and honey, toast, freshly scrambled farm eggs, fruit smoothies and juices made with freshly picked fruit.

Morning classes

09:30 to 10:30             Interval load training

10:30 to 11:30             Green workout

11:30 to 12:45             Neo-yoga & seated mediation/relaxation


13.00 to 14. 00

Traditionally in Italy lunch is the main meal of the day.  Once you’ve had an Italian lunch you’ll understand why it’s followed by a siesta.  Lunches include all the best of traditional Italian food.  This includes homemade pasta without the heavy pasta sauces found in the UK.  Fantastic Italian cheeses, and cured meats supplied from local farms.  Tasty fish fresh  from Sorrento and the bay of Naples.  Freshly picked tomatoes, lettuce, onions and peppers combined with the finest extra virgin olive oil and wine vinegar that make getting your five a day a pleasure.  For meat eaters chicken, turkey, beef, pork and lamb are available, sourced from local farms.  Wines is made from locally grown grapes.

Siesta (Total U and Elite sessions)

14.00 to 17.00            

Why a siesta?  The first reason is the size of the lunch.  The second is this is the time used for treatments and your Total U/Elite private sessions.

Evening Classes

17.00 to 18.00             Absolute skipping

18:00 to 19:00             Walk , hike or run.


20.00                           Once again you’ll get to experience the best of Italian food and wine

Remember if the above doesn’t answer all your questions or you have any queries just call George or Louisa on 01245 357132


We have had such a wonderful time.  The walking was fantastic.  The views breathtaking and we so enjoyed visiting real Italy away from all the tourists.  We met some lovely Italian people.  The accommodation was lovely, comfortable, clean and the meals, were out of this world.  The dinner at the Castle on the last night will stay with us for a very long time.  Thank you for such a wonderful holiday.

David and Beryl

I was interested in a fitness holiday for a while.  I took my time but was so glad to have booked with you.  Wow.  I was tired at the end of each day but happy.  The personal session was an eye opener.  The hiking was stunning and I even came back with a natural tan.  I will definitely recommend it to friends.


I did boxing down the gym so was really interested in the boxing programme.  My hand and eye co-ordination, balance and speed have improved beyond what I thought was possible.  I really miss the speed ball and will look into buying one for myself.


Although I was tired and asleep by 9pm every night, I was happy.  I have had a great time.